Medical Qigong Therapy (Chinese Energetic Medicine), is recognised as the oldest branch of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM); acupuncture, tui na and herbs being the others. In fact, its wisdom which is at least 5,000 years old, is said to have informed acupuncture; hence there is a purity and simplicity to Medical Qigong Therapy which patients report as motivational and empowering. It can be used as an adjunct to Western Medicine systems or as a stand-alone Therapy. However, it is not seen as an alternative to Western Medicine. Unlike Acupuncture, a Medical Qigong Therapy session does not involve the insertion of needles. Qi (Energy) is emitted from the Medical Qigong Therapist, alongside meditation and visualisation techniques to help you create harmony from the inside out.

The Difference Between Health Qigong and Medical Qigong Therapy

Medical Qigong Therapy is not to be confused with Health Qigong such as Shibashi or Wild Goose. Health Qigong is an excellent system for maintaining general health and well-being. There are commonalities between the two systems, i.e. “Qi” means energy or life force and “Gong” means skill or work. However, “Medical” from a Western Medicine perspective is the science of preventing, diagnosing and alleviating a specific disease. Our role therefore, as Medical Qigong Therapists is to support the patient when Western Medicine has identified disease. From a Chinese Medicine perspective; we then establish whether to tonify, purgate or regulate energy whilst understanding associated contra-indications. Each therapeutic action creates a specific energetic state within your body; hence the healing process very much involves YOU!

Specific Medical Qigong Therapy Plans are wide ranging. For example, many patients have benefited from our Parkinson’s Disease Plan. Although we do not diagnose or treat the condition, according to the Parkinson’s Disease specialist nurses we liaise with, it has assisted in improving the general well-being of patients for the short time they were in our care. Any woman going through IVF for example, admits it is an emotional roller coaster. As such, women presenting with recurrent miscarriage have engaged our Medical Qigong Fertility Plan where we support the work of a number of Western Medicine Fertility Clinics. We have a high success rate in this field, but it is not down to our work alone. Even if we had the scientific evidence that Medical Qigong Therapy was successful in this field, we wouldn’t feel that was an honest representation. There is an entire team involved such as a Gynaecologist, Specialist Nurses, Embryologists, and, not forgetting YOU! Our Medical Qigong Fertility Plan aims to support you emotionally through your journey, enabling you to relax and enjoy your experience.

Why not give our Medical Qigong Therapist a ring and we can discuss what would best suit your needs. A 10 minute telephone consultation is free with no obligation. Medical Qigong Therapy can be located in Staffordshire and London.